How do I become an agent of D&M Productions of SFL?

What are we seeking in an agent?

We are seeking someone that needs, or wants, to work-from-home in a quiet environment with a Windows 10 PC.

What will you be doing to earn revenue?

You will be taking inbound customer service, sales, and/or technical support calls for Fortune 1,000 companies after an extensive training.

How do you become an agent with D&M Productions of SFL?

Step One: Contact our office to get your unique link by calling 702-421-3017.

Step Two: Create your custom profile from your unique link.

Step Three: After signing our Non-Disclosure Agreement and Waiver you will be prompted to complete the Harver Assessment to rate your skillset. Please remember, one of the questions is which hours are you not available. If you select anything on that question, you will limit your clients you can select to service.

Step Four: Complete the federal background check ($30).

All questions about any part of this process are to be sent to our office 702-421-3017.