Here you will find what many of our agents think of our call center. Some leave names, some don't leave names. We just ask that our agents leave their honest feedback.

I am on the D&M Team

I honestly have not even started training yet and I already feel like part of the team. I have never been so happy to find D&M Productions. I have turned down brick and mortar offers just because of the people who provide services here. I can not wait to get things going. There is so much flexibility. Making your own schedule is one of the biggest ones. Thank you for bringing me onto the team!

Awesome to work with

I love working for Dan, he knows how to get things done and fast. He's dependable and only wants the best for us CSP's.  You won't find a better person to work for.

Home-based agent

This opportunity has allowed me to stay home and take care of my family while earning a living. I'm so glad I came aboard. Thank you for everything. Bob G, Idaho


Being a veteran isn't that easy for me. I suffered tremendous loss in combat over the years. I was sitting in a pizzeria relaxing and eating pizza. While sitting there I just started crying because I was running out of money. I promised my grandson that I would pay for his college education several years ago. About a month before the pizza shop, my grandson called me and let me know how much college would cost. I didn't make that kind of money with my benefits. A guy walked up to me and asked me what was wrong. I told him what as bothering me. He asked me several questions. I felt like I was being interviewed for something. About 15 minutes went by of our discussion. I then found out his name was Dan. Dan assured me that I can make good on my promise to my grandson. As of today, between my work and my benefits, I have completely paid off his college and bought him a car to get around in. I cannot begin to thank Dan enough for always listening. The best part is that Dan is always there. Thanks for everything, William in Florida.

Keeping strong

A little over a year ago I met my friend at a diner. We were talking about my job loss. I did not know that my luck would change that day. The person at the table next to us was Dan. He was sitting with another friend of his discussing work. I couldn't help but to listen in a little bit. I asked Dan if I could do this too. He happily accepted. Today I am using my Spanish skills and making more money than I ever have before. I have two clients and keep myself pretty busy. Thanks for talking with me Dan, Jesus in Miami.

Hace poco más de un año conocí a mi amigo en una cena. Estábamos hablando de mi pérdida de trabajo. No sabía que mi suerte cambiaría ese día. La persona en la mesa de al lado de nosotros era Dan. Estaba sentado con otro amigo de su trabajo. No pude evitar escucharlo un poco. Le pregunté a Dan si podía hacer esto también. Él aceptó felizmente. Hoy estoy usando mis habilidades en español y ganando más dinero que antes. Tengo dos clientes y me mantengo bastante ocupado. Gracias por hablar conmigo Dan, Jesús en Miami.

Family time

A year ago I was working 60-70 hours a week for minimum wage. I was having a hard time making ends meet with family bills. I came across Dan by a friend of ours. As of last week I now have three clients and making a lot more than before. I thank God every day that I met Dan. I also have to say thanks to Joan for hooking us up. Your friend, Steven in Jacksonville.

Finally free

I was working for a firm that had me working 9-5 in the business week. I was working there for over five years with no raise or advancement. I came across this opportunity with Dan. Initially read the reviews online and thought it was some sort of scam. However, after speaking with several of the CSPs in this group, it seemed cool. So, I joined. Today I am servicing two clients and making better money than I was with the firm. I cannot thank Dan enough for all the time he put into helping me be successful. ~Juan K, Miami.

Brand new CSP

I am very new to Arise.  I was referred to Dr. Daniel Steele by someone whom has had him as their IBO for a few years.  I was very nervous and unsure of the process and what it would take to have the ability to work from home.  Upon my first conversation with Dr. Steele I became very relaxed and felt assured that he would guide me through the process; which he has.  I did not know how to move around within the system.  Dr. Steele would take the time after his work hours and education me how to move around within the system to complete the items necessary for registration.  I was amazed that he stayed with me until what ever I needed was completed. On several occasions I have submitted and email or text to Dr. Steele and he has always responded promptly.  I am very appreciative of his pleasant personality because he is diffidently a people person.  After our 1st conversation I felt more and more convertible speaking with him.  Because I feel he is very experienced and knowledgeable;  I put my trust in him and asked him what client he thought I should sign up for.  He thoroughly advise me on each client that I was considering and gave me facts of why he suggested the client that he did.  Also giving me the insight of how to be successful, which I truly appreciated.  Because of my inter-actions via email or phone conversations with Dr. Steele I have told several of my friends and family members about this exciting new experience that I am looking forward too.  I must say I am truly EXCITED! and Dr. Steele has played a tremendous part in my confidence that I made the correct choice in the client and the Arise team and the bonus is being able to become successfully in the comfort of my own home.  Which I did not ever think I would be able to do.  I must say I am looking forward to 2017.  Happy New Year!! Carmen, West Palm Beach, Florida.

Veteran Agent

Well, I was retired for three years. Then, I came across some hard times when my retirement started going bad. I started looking for places to work. So many places won't take someone in their 60s to start working. I was walking around the mall handing out resumes. Apparently Dan was listening to a conversation between me and the clerk at the store. The clerk nicely asked me to leave, as I was too old to work in their store. Dan caught up to me outside the store and said "As long as you can meet the requirements, you're great in my book. Here is my number, call me if you're interested." I called him and now I am back to 50 hours a week and making a fortune. I cannot thank you enough Dan. Stuart, Florida.

Almost retired

A good friend of mine mentioned Dan to me because he knows I need extra income. I have extremely poor vision in one eye and a bad leg. I do not like to leave the house for any reason. I didn't have a computer that would do the job. Dan said he'd take care of it for me. Two weeks later I was in two classes and had a PC with two big screens. Now I am working three clients and lots of money. Dan has saved my life. Bill, Florida.

New arrival

I used to have to work at walmart at ungodly hours with terrible pay. While I was working, I was having a bad day. Dan approached me and asked if I am interested in working from home. Today I have two clients and could not be happier. I get paid more than I did work walmart, that's for sure. Thanks for keeping an eye out for people in need, Dan. You know I love ya for it. Damian, Las Vegas.

Disabled Veteran

I was talking to my VA office a few months ago and I happen to walk into Dan on the street outside. He must have heard me talking on the phone about needing work. He immediately approached me and advised he could help me find something to do at home. I was enticed by the idea. I gave him a chance to prove himself. In the military, you make someone prove their worth and not just give it away. He did prove himself and I am very happy with his quality. Keep up the great work Dan. Joseph, Virginia.

Moved from different IB

I had a different IBO and they were so hard to reach. They always took a lot of money from me and didn't give me a receipt. Now, with Dan, I get an email every payday. Dan is also super easy to reach. I would recommend everyone I know to Dan. Shawn, Tallahassee, FL

New to home work

I used to work at McDonalds. Dan approached me at the Drive Thru and asked me how much I'd enjoy working from home. So, I took him up on his offer and called him. Now, I have two clients and love working from home. I make more money now than I ever did at McDonalds. I can also make my own schedule with my family in mind. Thanks Dan, you're the best. LaQuanda, Las Vegas, NV.

Transferred CSP

I was with an IBO that did not paid me for the work that I did for a month. After two pay cycles, they finally paid and it was only $25. I reviewed everything with Dan and realized that I was being ripped off. I came over to his IBO and now, everything is perfect. Keep up the great work Dan. Brandon M, Newark NJ


I switched from another company to DM Productions. It was the best thing I have ever done. Dan is up front about everything. No hidden agendas. You pick you own hours and work what you pick. Nothing more nothing less. I also get paid when I am suppose to get paid. No hang ups, no excuses. Whenever I have a question or a concern, all I have to do is email Dan and he is right on top of it. No waiting days for a response. DM Productions is the best company to work for!!!! Great job Dan. Keep up the good work!!!

opinion of D&M Productions

I love working through D&M productions. Dan, is very personable. It is almost like he is not only your boss but your friend.  He knows what he is doing and does it well. I like having a personable boss.


I love this company!! The people are very nice and helpful!! When you contact them they respond back quickly.  The flexibility is great. Being able to choose my own hours are nice and working from home makes it all the worth while!! Barbara, Las Vegas, NV

Thankful agent

I am very impressed by the level of professionalism that goes into every communication by D&M Productions of SFL, LLC." It is great to work with a company that responds quickly to the CSP's questions and keeps everyone up to date on all pertinent information. D&M Productions of SFL, LLC is willing to make every interaction easy and effortless. I am proud to work for a company with such a high moral compass and will definitely continue to work here for a very long time. Robert C, Las Vegas, NV

Holy CSP

I love working for this company. The people that I work with are outstanding and they do not make you feel like you are going to be left behind. Very easy going but also makes sure they get the job done. I am happy to be apart of the D&M Productions family!! God Bless You. Steven, Las Vegas, NV

Your most dependable agent

Wonderful Company with even more wonderful people! Tons of support! Honest,Dependable, and Reliable! Treated as a person,not a number. The place to be..

Love the flexibility!

Making my own schedule has limitless possibilities!

I can work a few hours in the AM. Take a long lunch. Work a little more... Then have the rest of the day to myself and my family.

Taking inbound customer service calls can be so fun. I talk to people from all over the country!

I love when I can adjust someone's monthly bill to save them money too!

Tons of resources are available in a database so I can answer questions for callers.

If I need help, I just open a chat box and a supervisor helps me with my call.

I can't think of another company that offers these work benefits.

Thanks, Skyler in New Mexico

CSP (Multi-Client)

I have found the place I belong... This is not the first IBO I have been with in my time servicing Arise clients over a 5 year period, but this is definitely the best. You matter here and are made to feel that way. THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR BEING MY IBO! Thank you for doing all you do. I owe you a large part of my success is because of your support.